Who we are

The Degree Course in Geological Sciences applied to Environmental Sustainability at the University of Parma promotes a complete and specialized training in all the main sectors of Earth Sciences, with particular reference to those that allow the Geologist to play a decisive role in the study and solution of problems related to the correct and sustainable use of geological resources and land. In order to effectively achieve the training objectives, the teaching plan is characterized by a first year during which the lessons are mainly aimed at providing a broad vision of the problems and solutions mentioned above, and from a second year in which each student chooses the course of study that s/he feels is closest to his or her interests, choosing between (1) "Mitigation and management of natural risks", (2) "Fluids, geo-resources and applications for the Environment" and (3) Geodynamics and palaeoenvironment for geo-resources". Several teachings include laboratory or field activities and/or simulation of working contexts and/or openness towards interdisciplinary approaches, because the teaching plan is addressed not only to the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills, but also to the transfer of the ability to apply the acquired knowledge and skills, to face and solve problems of the Geologist's competence, through the application of not necessarily conventional solutions. Some teachings are also aimed at the growth of students in terms of autonomy of judgment and communication skills, through the drafting of technical-scientific papers, the oral presentation of case studies, with multimedia support, and the simulation of applications of geological methods. Particular importance is also attributed to the development of the experimental thesis project, which can also be carried out at institutions or companies outside the university or even abroad. The promotion of international student mobility, also for study purposes, is a priority objective for this Master's Degree Course. It prepares students for access to professional activity and the continuation of their studies in PhD courses, mainly in the Earth Sciences sectors. The completeness of the training acquired allows graduates in Geological Sciences applied to Environmental Sustainability to satisfy requests for employment in various public and private sectors, or to undertake an independent path as a freelance Geologist, after passing the State Examination (Section -A). Graduates will be able to find employment (i) in national, regional and local Authorities, with tasks of control and mitigation of hydrogeological and environmental risks, and of planning, management and enhancement of the territory, (ii) in Firms or Companies specialized in geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological surveys, large civil and hydraulic engineering works, mining activities, (iii) in analysis and research laboratories, both public and private, (iv) in the field of geological, geochemical, geophysical, mineralogical prospecting for the research and evaluation of mineral resources and stone materials, (v) in the field of research and use. sustainable geological resources, with particular reference to water and energy sources, (vi) in the enhancement and management of geological assets of the territory and in geo-touristic, museum and scientific dissemination activities, (vii) in the field of environmental geology and in the monitoring and mitigation of natural and anthropogenic pollution.